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Here you can find a little bit more about us including a little bit about our history.

A little bit of history about One-Ticket...

The SEStran Partnership (South East of Scotland Transport Partnership) comprising eight local authorities in South East Scotland (population 1.5m) agreed with the major public transport operators in its area in 1998 to attempt to establish a Travelticket scheme as a major step towards public transport integration.  

It was agreed that the Travelticket scheme be managed as a partnership between the public and private sectors under the aegis of a company structure.  One-Ticket Limited (formerly SEStran Traveltickets Ltd) was formed as a “partnership” between the member Councils of SEStran and the transport operators who operate within the SEStran area.The scheme was established in May 2001 and was developed with financial support from the Scottish Executive.  

The business is commercially self-sufficient.The main objective of ONE-TICKET is to increase the use of public transport and achieve modal transfer from car use to public transport within the SEStran area.  It is not the intention of the scheme to transfer current public transport users to ONE-TICKET but rather to use the customer benefits of the integrated ticket (value for money and convenience) to encourage new public transport use, unless users are already using more than one operator’s services for their journey.

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