BUS Only Price and Travelarea Changes

1.Revised Edinburgh Travelarea Map. 

Travelarea 4 (north of River Forth) has now been split in two, travelareas 4 and 5. 

Travelarea 4 is now the Fife Council area (also includes the Fife Council element of the old travelarea 3) and extends to the west of Kinross town heading south to include Kincardine.  It is now defined as Fife Council area + Kinross town.

Travelarea 5 is the old Travelarea 4 not included in the above, i.e. the northern extremities of our geographic area including Clackmannanshire,  part of Stirlingshire, Perth and Dundee. 

Travelarea 5 (south of River Forth) is the old Travelarea 4, i.e. the southern extremities of our geographic area including part of the Scottish Borders Council area and Berwick on Tweed.

 2. Revised Area Maps

 These have been updated and are available on our website,www.one-ticket.co.uk These are relevant only to customers who purchase our Central, Fife, Scottish Borders, Inner Scottish Borders and West Lothian area bus only products. 

The Fife (F) product map has been updated to reflect the Fife Council area plus Kinross town.

 The Scottish Borders (SB) product map has been updated to include the new area of Inner Scottish Borders (ISB).  The product price table in this document reflects the differing prices associated with these two product ranges.

3. Edinburgh Travelarea Tickets

 BUS ONLY tickets include your own chosen travelarea plus all travelareas of a lower number (egtravelarea 5 covers bus travel in areas 5+4+3+2+1A+1) EXCEPT when you purchase a Travelarea 4 ticket.  This product includes travelareas 4+1A+1.

 4. Price Changes

 These were implemented from Sunday 17th May