Unlimited bus travel just got cheaper!

One-Ticket slashes cost of integrated bus-to-bus tickets on most services throughout East and Central Scotland from 25thJanuary 2015.


It’s about to become even cheaper to use One-Ticket; the convenient, single ticket bus travel option.


From 25th January, prices are being cut by an average of 5.2% - with  some enjoying a reduction of up to 28% - making it even cheaper to opt for single ticket unlimited travel; whether you choose a day, 7-day, 28-day or annual ticket. 


One-Ticket Board Chair John Elliot said : “We have been looking at ways to make travel by public transport more attractive for those passengers who need to make integrated journeys for some time. Obviously price is a key factor and we are now able to offer travellers substantial savings, as well as the convenience of unlimited bus travel”.


SEStran Chair Cllr Russell Imrie said :  “This is marvellous news. SEStran aims to build a sustainable transportation system in South East Scotland, based upon making public transport the mode of choice for most journeys.   Cost is naturally a key consideration when people make transportation choices; especially when money is tight. These reductions offer existing customers significant savings while making bus transport a far more attractive option to potential new customers”.