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To use One Ticket services you have to have a valid Photo Card which has a passenger photo displayed on it.

Each Photo Card produced has a Photo ID which is unique to the card and matches with the photo.

When you are opening a new account you need to supply a photo of yourself to use on the Photo Card. Most photos from most phones and cameras will be fine. Just click the button on the form to browse for an image on your device. Photos must be of a standard acceptable to the passport office.

Be aware that if the image file size is very large it could take a little while to upload.

However if you already have a valid Photo ID on a current Photo Card  you can place that into the form to the right instead of supplying a picture and One Ticket will use the image that matches that is already on record.

Only image files that are of type jpg or jpeg such as that produced by a phone or camera can be uploaded.