Below are some of our most common FAQ's relating to our SMARTapp.

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How can I download the One Ticket app?

The application can be download through both the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Direct links to the application can be found on our website at:

What types of tickets can be bought through the app?

Currently all Bus + Bus ticket types are available through the application. These are 1-Day, 7-Day, 28-Day, and Annual passes. These tickets can be bought for each travel area and region. Full details of the available Bus + Bus products can be found here:


Is there a minimum amount of money I have to spend?

No, there is no minimum amount you have to spend to purchase tickets. This allows the user to purchase individual tickets as required.


What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Visa and MasterCard, both Debit and Credit Cards, and PayPal.


Why am I being asked to create an account on the app?  

To purchase or activate any tickets on the app you will be required to create an account. If you have purchased tickets but are not logged in, the tickets will be visible upon login.


Is an internet connection required to use the app?

An internet connection is only required to create an account and purchase tickets. Once purchased, the tickets can be stored locally on the device so the user can activate them at any time.


How does ticket activation work?

Tickets are added into an activation queue by pressing the + symbol before you activate them (pressing the Activate Tickets button). Already active tickets will also be displayed in this queue with green active text underneath the ticket name.

By using the ticket activation queue for already activated tickets, it makes it easy for users to both display already active tickets and easily add additional tickets to an activated pass for display.


When should I activate my tickets?

You should activate your ticket as soon as you are at the bus stop and you can see the bus.


Why is the conductor asking me to tap my screen?

The conductor is asking you to tap the screen to verify that the ticket is real. When you activate a ticket on the App it displays a moving watermark, date, ticket expiration, and travel area. Those items plus the tapping of the screen to change colour verifies you have a real App ticket.  

If you are unable to present a valid active App ticket, please contact the customer service department for help.


What is the difference between saving "to the cloud" and "to the device"?  

By saving "to the cloud" you are able to enable ticket access on any device where the app is installed. Simply log on and you will be able to retrieve tickets that have been purchased. If you are planning to use tickets purchased on multiple devices (ex. tablet and smartphone), then you should save passes "to the cloud." However, it is important to note that an Internet connection is required for accessing passes saved "to the cloud."

By saving "to the device" tickets are available without an internet connection. However, tickets will only be available on the specific device on which they were saved.


Why can’t I move my current ticket to the cloud?

Once activated, tickets are locked to the device for a 30-minute period. During this time, an activated ticket cannot be moved between devices. Tickets that have been purchased but not activated can be moved freely.


What should I do if I change or lose my device?

If your device has been lost or stolen or the app has been reinstalled, you may retrieve unused or unexpired tickets by contacting Customer Service and requesting that they move the tickets to the cloud so they are accessible from any device.

If you are changing devices, you can move tickets from one device to another. Please use the following instructions:

  • On your current device open the left side menu and go to Settings
  • Tap on Ticket Storage
  • Find the pass saved to your device that you wish to transfer and tap on it (you will need internet connection for this)
  • The pass should now be successfully moved to the cloud, and the pass can now be moved to the new device
  • On the new device, open the app and go to settings in the side menu.
  • Tap on Ticket Storage
  • Find the pass that is now saved to the cloud and tap on it
  • The pass will now be saved onto the new device

I reinstalled the app and now it says that my tickets are locked even though they are on this device. How do I fix this?

Device tickets are locked to certain installations of the app and can only accessed from that installation. If your app has been reinstalled, you may retrieve unused or unexpired tickets by contacting Customer Service (contact info located at the bottom of the document) and requesting that they move the tickets to the cloud so they are accessible from any device.


I have cloud passes and I am not able to activate my tickets. What should I do?

First, turn off your Wi-Fi. You could be connected to a network that is not providing you with Internet. If you have cell signal, then you should be able to activate a ticket now.

If you have no cell signal, then you will need to move the tickets from the cloud onto the device. To do this, you will need an internet connection. This may need to be done at some other location.


I purchased a ticket today and saved it on the cloud but when the conductor asked to validate it I did not have an Internet connection. I had to pay for a new ticket; can I get a refund?  

Unfortunately, an internet connection is required for accessing tickets saved to the cloud. If a conductor cannot validate your ticket, then policy requires you to purchase a new ticket. However, if your ticket is saved to the device, it can be accessed without requiring an Internet connection.


How long is my Day Ticket valid for?

Once activated, a Day Ticket will be valid until midnight of the day the ticket was activated.


How early can I purchase my ticket?

Tickets can be purchased at any time and will not expire until activation.


Does the App allow for ticket subscriptions?

If selected during Checkout, tickets purchased will auto-renew when they expire. An email will be sent prior to renewal to inform the user of this action. To cancel a subscription, follow the link in your renewal notification email.


Does the App allow for split payments?

Users now have the ability to split payments over as many cards as they have on file. The user interface allows you to slide a slider to add money to a specific credit card, while still retaining the ability to tap the value box and dictate a precise amount.


Does the App show me my purchase history?

A list of past transactions within the App helps users understand their purchasing behaviour, reconcile ticket purchases, and find old purchases they might wish to reorder. These transactions are located under Purchase History in the Settings section of the app.


What if the ticket expires before I can use it?  

In the event that this should occur you would be required to purchase another ticket for your travel. It is recommended that you do not activate your ticket until you are at the bus stop and see the bus.


How long can I hold onto purchased tickets without activating?  

There is no expiration on a ticket that has not yet been activated.


Can I use a debit card?

Yes, please make sure that you have the appropriate funds in your account. If the card is denied, it will take three to five business days before the funding will appear back on your card.


How do I get a refund?  

Please contact our Customer Relations Department with the information located at the bottom of this document.


I left my phone at home but would like to use the Bus, what can I do?  

You would need to purchase another ticket to ride the bus. You will not lose any tickets that are in your account already.


Is there a limit for purchases?  

There is a limit of twenty tickets that can be added to any one order, however you can make as many orders as you like in a row.


My phone died; can the bus driver help me with this?  

No, you will need to purchase another ticket. We cannot be responsible for phones not working, batteries dying or any phone/carrier related issues.


If I am having a problem loading the application, who should I call?  

Please contact Customer Service with the information located at the bottom of this document.


For which mobile phones can I download the App?  

Currently the App supports the iPhone and Android phones. iPad and Android tablets may also be used, although the app is not specifically designed for them.


How quickly is a payment processed?  

Once the payment is authorized, the payment is processed immediately.


Where is my personal information and credit card information stored?  

All personal and credit card information are stored on a securely encrypted PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant server.


Once I activate the ticket, how long until it expires?  

Ticket expiration is based on ticket type. One day tickets expire at midnight on the day it was activated. A 7-Day ticket activated on a Monday will expire at midnight the following Sunday. The same principle applies to 28-Day and annual passes.


Can I see how much time is left on the active ticket before it expires?  

Once the ticket is activated, the expiration date and time of the ticket will be displayed at the bottom of the ticket. This expiration date and time is also listed on the confirmation notification before activating a Ticket.


How do I update or change my credit card information?

Credit card information can be deleted and re-entered but not changed. To delete a credit card on the iPhone you simply swipe you finger on the credit card to delete. On Android phones, just tap and hold until it asks you if you want to delete this credit card.


Will the App work on a jailbroken or rooted phone?

While the App may run on a jailbroken or rooted phone we cannot guarantee it will work as documented.


For technical assistance or questions about the app, please email customer service from the “More Information” section of the app menu.