One-Ticket Terms and Conditions

One-Tickets are Non Refundable and Non Transferable. It is recommended that you insure your mobile telephone and/or season ticket against theft, damage or loss.

Bus with Bus Tickets  

Tickets are available for 1 Day, 7 Days, 28 Days, 3/5/10 day bundles and a year. An Identity Card (photocard) is no longer required for our Bus ONLY products via mobile app.

Acceptance of our ticket implies that the holder accepts these conditions of use

  • Valid for use on included services of participating operators within the travelarea shown.
  • Ticket must be shown clearly to the driver upon boarding buses, and must be presented for inspection to authorised employees of participating companies.
  • One-Tickets are Non Refundable and Non Transferable.
  • Use of incorrectly dated tickets will result in withdrawal.
  • Persons misusing travel tickets will immediately forfeit them without any right of refund and may be liable for payment of an excess fare or prosecution.
  • One-Tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions of travel of participating companies.

Rail with Bus Season Tickets

Season tickets are available for a week, a month and a year. Season tickets are issued subject to the National Rail Conditions of Carriage, available to view at stations.


Your rights and responsibilities when travelling on the National Rail network


When you buy a ticket to travel on the railway network you enter into an agreement with the Train Companies. That agreement gives you the right to make the journey, or journeys, between the stations or within the zones shown on the ticket you have bought. These National Rail Conditions of Carriage are also part of that agreement and they apply to all domestic (non-international) journeys by scheduled passenger train services of the Train Companies on the railway network of Great Britain.

These National Rail Conditions of Carriage set out your rights and any restrictions of those rights. The Train Companies may give you more extensive rights than those set out here; they may not give you less unless, in the case of some types of reduced and discounted fare tickets, a Condition specifically allows for this. The National Rail Conditions of Carriage therefore set out the minimum level of service you are entitled to expect.

A Train Company's ticket office staff will give advice about tickets, and any restrictions concerning their use, on an impartial basis unless the point of sale is dedicated to the sale of one Train Company's tickets.

If you prefer you can download a PDF version of the National Rail Conditions of Carriage .

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