How and where to buy a One-Ticket...

From online to a Pay-Point outlet there is an easy way for everyone!

information on how and where to buy your One-Ticket in straightforward steps.

When buying a BUS only ticket from our website, please allow 5 working days for delivery of these tickets.  Alternatively, download our mobile app to your handset and use your phone as your BUS ticket.

Edinburgh TRAMS now accept our products for eligible products within the Edinburgh SMARTZone.

One day, 7 day, 28 day and annual tickets

  • Mobile App
  • Online
  • PayPoint Outlets
  • Edinburgh City Centre

Weekly, monthly and annual tickets

Rail + Bus tickets can only be purchased from rail station ticket offices. However you can use the journey planner Rail + Bus tab, available from the top menu bar, to get a quote and to tell you what zones you need.